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  • 整形コンサルコム

Idmesin Kowa Cream, Sol

Orthopedic Clinic for external ointment

It is a kind of product.

For drugs used in clinics

There is a reaction from the patient.

It is one of the external medicines handled at the hospital.

Please use it as a reference only.

Usually, many poultices are prescribed.

In some cases, in an inflamed area,

Without taking a pap-shaped square area

Since it is liquid, it has no shape and is used.

To move joints, elbows, etc. in daily life

It can be used in places where it can move or contract.

Also, there is no sense of discomfort with the ship attached.

Idmeshin Kowa Cream is in the shape of a tube

A light-colored smooth cream.

Apply to the affected area several times a day.

Idmeshin Kowa Kowa Sol is

Handy type that is easy to hold

It is a small lotion and is a colorless liquid.

Both have no odor.

It is used for shoulder, knee and muscle aches.

Interesting is used for tennis elbow pain.

The ingredient contains indomethacin

It has the same effect as the ship.

It has the ingredients of a poultice and can cover the pain in the contracting part.

The anti-inflammatory effect relieves pain, but removes the underlying pain

It doesn't work.

Idomeshin Kowa Cream and Sol

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is used in orthopedic clinics.

It is one of the easy-to-use products.


Kowa Co., Ltd.


Ginza @ 104 (Pharmaceuticals)



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