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Morus tape

Introducing a Popular and Popular Product

We want to introduce products that are beneficial to patients visiting our orthopedic clinic as much as possible.

We want to introduce products that benefit our patients as much as possible.

The trend of the products we use can be a distinctive feature of our clinics.

This time, we would like to talk about the topical drug, Pap.

Morus Tape


When applied to painful areas, it is effective for pain relief and inflammation.

It is effective in relieving pain in the affected area.


Contains ketoprofen

The anti-inflammatory effect lasts for a long time.

Adhesive and contractile tape.

How to apply

Apply once a day.

One pack contains 7 sheets for one week.

A corporate idea, the tape has no square corners and is

The cellophane film is made to be easy to apply.

When you apply the tape to a sore spot, the tape will be applied directly to the sore surface and will not shift.

The tape is easy to use because it does not shift.


Exposure to direct sunlight may cause photosensitivity due to irritation

Pregnant women should avoid use.

Also, if a person with weak skin uses the product in the same place for a prolonged period of time

may develop a rash or inflammation.

In such cases, avoid scratching and use a steroidal

use a steroidal agent.

This product has been used for about 20 years

There is a difference between the efficacy of generic products and

Therefore, some patients request it.

Patients do not call it a "stick", but a "tape".

Patients live with pain in their daily lives.

To be able to move around without being aware of the pain

Pap products are indispensable.


A drug discovery company that has been researching poultices for nearly 90 years.

Another unique product is a tape for female hormone replacement therapy.

female hormone replacement therapy tapes.

When we use the pap products in our clinics, we collect the products of each company and apply them to the body.

and apply them all over the body.

Once you feel and see the difference and characteristics of each product, you will be able to

the differences and characteristics of each product can be subtly felt.

Please visit an orthopedic clinic to find the type that suits you best.

and see what type fits you best.


Please ask the manufacturer or pharmacist how to use the product.

Please ask the manufacturer and pharmacist how to use the product.

For your information, we are not involved with the manufacturer.

I am not involved with the manufacturer.

Hisamitsu Co.

Morus Tape





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Vitamin D acts as a hormone It aids in calcium absorption and strengthens the immune system.

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