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Almeta ointment

Prescribe low-risk products to patients

I will introduce you.

It is an external medicine

Have you ever seen a small green tube?

It is used when the skin becomes rash and red, and it is swollen and itchy.

For example, after being bitten by an insect bite, such as a gnat (black fly).

The skin becomes inflamed, has a fever, and itching continues for a while.

Recommended when there are many insect bites.

When a patient comes to the hospital due to trauma

When the inflammation continues to be red or when itching is strong,

It is a tube that is effective for patients.


Contains weak steroids.

The color is transparent, soft jelly-like

It is non-irritating and easy to apply.

It is a convenient item to prepare at the hospital.


Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Ginza @ 103 (Pharmaceuticals)



Vitamin D

Vitamin D acts as a hormone It aids in calcium absorption and strengthens the immune system.

Idmesin Kowa Cream, Sol

To move joints, elbows, etc. in daily life It can be used in places where it can move or contract. Also, there is no sense of discomfort wit

Morus tape

A drug discovery company that has been researching poultices for nearly 90 years.When applied to painful areas, it is effective for pain rel


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