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One of the products we often use in orthopedics is

I would like to introduce you to one of the products that we often use in orthopedics.

I am not associated with the manufacturer.

Please ask your pharmacist for more information.

In orthopedics, we use painkillers and pain relievers for our patients.

In doing so, the stomach tends to become irritated.

Therefore, to protect the mucous membrane of the stomach

To protect the mucous membrane of the stomach, we use a stomach medicine to protect the stomach.

To continue treatment in the long term

To ensure long-term treatment continuity, they are used at the same time to relieve pain.

-Product Name



Launched in 2008 and has been used for a long time.


Used as a treatment for gastritis and gastric ulcer


Blue powdered granules, odorless, without bitterness or taste.


Pregnant women and children should be treated with caution.

-Directions for use

Use 3 times a day.

Each package contains 3 doses, so it is easy to count the number of doses per day.

It is easy to count the daily dose and the quantity is easy to understand.

-Intermediate positioning

This product is treated as a quasi-original product.

Normally, a generic product is launched after the original product is launched.

The product has the ingredients and efficacy of the brand name product

It has been positioned as a quasi-genuine product based on the needs of the market.

Therefore, it is not treated as a generic product.

-Origin of the name

Magan Stomach

Azlene Ingredients

Swallow Drink

Easy Easy

The name is a combination of these


Grey azulene has analgesic properties and has a unique blue color.

It is a chemical compound of eucalyptus and chamomile ingredients.

It was also used as a folk medicine.


Blue in appearance is the color of azulene

The refreshing feeling after drinking is that of chamomile

The ingredients of the plant, taken from nature, are used chemically.

The refreshing sensation after drinking makes it easy for patients to resist

It is accepted by patients in combination with painkillers.

It is one of the easiest drugs to use because it is not irritating and does not cause stomach upset.

Furthermore, when painkillers are used in orthopedic surgery

three times a day, it is easy to understand.

The quantity of painkillers is equivalent to that of stomach pills.

It is easy to count when prescribing a large number of days to a patient.

When prescribing in the hospital, it is easy for staff to count

and it does not take too much time to count.

In these points

It is one of the easiest products to use.

Researched and developed in Japan, and used for many years.

It is a low-risk drug.


Kotobuki Pharmaceutical Co.

Reference Citation


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