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It is a product that is conscious of women's theme and beauty.

Introducing pharmaceutical products

It is a product that has been highly needed by patients.

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Product Equel

Company Otsuka Pharmaceutical


Estrogen supplementation


Estrogen is an essential element of female hormones

For example, it is an ingredient that keeps youthful, such as femininity and gloss of skin and hair.

Decreased estrogen causes menopause

With aging, problems in the body occur.

For example, headache, dizziness, tiredness, frustration, etc.

It causes invisible physical and mental disorders.

Therefore, if you reinforce estrogen, you will make your bones stronger.

To stabilize the autonomic nerves,

In addition, it reduces cholesterol.

Beauty, suppleness and moisturized skin. Glossy hair
Tight skin, plus delicacy.
Natural behavior and appearance that can be seen in appearance.

Soy isoflavones have a complementary effect on estrogen
Shows the same effect.
It also has the effect of memory and elimination of cholesterol.
Excludes physical upset.

Ex, soybean intake
The standard intake of ifsolabon is 40 to 50 mg / day.

-Similar effect
Finger pain and swelling of joints, which are common in postmenopausal women
Deformation can be improved with Ifsorabon.
Uses Japanese domestic soybeans.
Validated for safety and effectiveness at home and abroad

Many repeat patients

It is easy to handle because it is packed in a box.

Menopausal lab
Soy isoflavones

Ginnza @ 101 (pharmaceutical products)



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